Mercury as Summer Morning Star

Panorama of the eastern sky with Mercury and the Moon as seen from Chicagoland 30 minutes before sunrise from 2014 JUN 29 to AUG 03 - See article below.

Mercury - Elongations & Altitudes - 2014

The planet’s elongations from the Sun and altitudes above the horizon as viewed from latitude N 42°

Mercury 01 Mercury 07 Mercury 06 Mercury 08


Mercury began this morning apparition following its inferior conjunction between Earth and Sun on 2014 JUN 19. This is a moderately good apparition for northern hemisphere observers.

   Mercury resumed apparent direct motion on JUL 01. Its greatest western elongation was reached on JUL 12 at 20.9°. By the standard of 30 minutes before sunrise, it attained its highest altitude of 8.9° for Chicagoland observers on JUL 17. That same morning it appeared in dichotomy (50% illuminated like a Half Moon). Before then it appeared as a crescent and afterward as gibbous. While increasing in brightness, it will fall to superior conjunction behind the Sun on AUG 08.

   Mercury will appear near Pollux on JUL 29.

NOTE: Event dates are for North American Central Time at those moments nearest to 30 minutes before sunrise for Chicagoland.

© Curt Renz

Mercury Angular Diameter - 2014

Graph of the apparent angular diameter of Mercury measured in arcseconds  -  Distance in AU = 6.68 / angular diameter

Mercury Illumination Phase - 2014

Graph of the percentage of Mercury’s apparent disk illuminated

Mercury Stellar Magnitude - 2014

Graph of the brightness of Mercury measured in stellar magnitude

Mercury 04

Transit of Mercury - 2016 MAY 09

Preview of the apparent path of Mercury across the Sun in horizontal (alt-az) coordinates as viewed from Chicago on 2016 MAY 09

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