VENUS TRANSIT - 2012 JUN 05-06

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Thank you to all who visited this webpage for my Venus transit previews for observers in 45 cities. Click here for the still saved diagram of the 2012 JUN 05 transit as viewed from Chicago.

   I hope you had clear skies for the event. We certainly did here in Chicagoland. I don’t plan to redo the Venus transit project until 2117. For that I’ll have to keep exercising and eating right to make it to age 172.

   Click here for a preview of the next Mercury transit as it will be seen from Chicago on 2016 MAY 09.

   In the meantime, please visit my other astronomy pages by clicking Astronomy on the menu board at right. The astronomy index page includes a link to my more general Venus page that now features a panorama and description of the current apparition of Venus.