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  Mercury Transit

  2019 NOV 11

MerTran 203 MerTran 202 MerTran 01



MerTran 02 MerTran 102


MerTran 03 MerTran 103 MerTran 201 MerTran 200

2019   2032   2039   2049  


Equatorial     2019     Horizontal

MerTran 101

Mercury will appear to transit the disk of the Sun on 2019 NOV 11 for observers in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Near East. This will be the last Mercury transit until 2032, and until 2049 for North Americans.

   The Geocentric charts assume an imaginary observer at the center of the Earth viewing the transit with x-ray vision. This is the type of chart most commonly published elsewhere. But due to parallax the positioning and timing will slightly vary from the perspective of each location on the surface of the Earth.

   For each listed city there are two charts. One is based on Equatorial coordinates with North at the top, and Mercury appearing to move in a straight line. The other is based on Horizontal (alt/az) coordinates with Zenith at the top, and Mercury appearing to move in a curve as the rotating Earth carries the observer.

   The Sun and Mercury positions and are taken from the extremely accurate Solex astronomical numerical integration software written by Prof. Aldo Vitagliano.

   As with a Solar Eclipse, great care must be taken to protect eyes. If not accompanied by an expert in solar viewing, it may be wise to simply watch online live videos of the transit.